Welcome to the game!

Team Chess is a special kind of chess game which was invented by the JustCoded team. The main feature of the game is that the black and white figures are divided into three subgroups of the figures whereby each of the subgroups goes strictly in its turn. You can play with a team of 6 members at once on the same board.

Team Chess

Game Rules

The preliminary distribution of the figures in the subgroups — each subgroup has 5 figures. King is a multicolor figure, and everyone has control over it.

The starting positions for all figures: yellow, green, and blue are the same. That means the white-yellow figure is similar to the black-yellow figure and so forth. The game starts from the white-yellow player’s turn, not being able to move non-yellow figures. Black-yellow goes just after the white-yellow and so on.

Than we get 6 subgroups:

chess-groups-min Team Chess

Pay Attention

If there are no figures left in any of the subgroups, then when it is your turn to move, only the King can be moved from your subgroup. If your opponent has put the “Check”, you can protect the King only with a figure of the subgroup that has a turn. Otherwise, the King will have to move.

Team Chess is implemented with two options: “1 vs 1” and “3 vs 3”. In the “3 vs 3” option, you can lose if you no longer have any players in the game or give up!

There are no more features. Simple, isn’t it?

Teamchess Board